10298 HEREKE

//10298 HEREKE

10298 HEREKE


Materials: warp in silk and metal thread; pile in fine pure silk of Bursa; natural dyes

Size: cm. 140×108

Knot density: approx 1.000.000 knots per sq.m.







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Amazing Hereke carpet from the Ali Oglu studio, entirely knotted in fine natural silk from Bursa with various elements in golden metal.

This carpet has a traditional motif with central medallion, but it is undoubtedly the work of a very talented ustad and experienced carpet weavers for the originality of the double series of boteh motifs (the mysterious decorative drop-shaped element) which seem to originate from four butterflies whose wings they appear to represent.

The dynamic succession of the patterns looks like a flying flock – a recurring theme in ancient Persia, where the representation of the birds depicted the features of Ahura Mazda, the supreme god of the Zoroastrians.
The massive presence of golden threads both in the central medallion and in the four corners, as well as inside the boteh motifs, makes this carpet extremely precious.

There are several articulated frames that sorround the central field of the carpet, a characteristic found only in carpets of great value

This exclusive carpet bears a double signature hand knotted into the outer frame of the short side; fringes are very long as per the Hereke tradition.

Extremely bright carpet, whose shades are made warm and charming by the use of natural dyes. Amazing weaving of the fringes with insertion of a good luck amulet (the so-called eye of Allah).

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